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This is a website designed to help small independent restaurants, cafes, and food trucks in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

The website provides comprehensive tips and reviews of the latest tools, technologies and marketing strategies so that even the smallest eateries have a fighting chance against larger competitors.

I have researched, written, designed and produced all the content on the website based on the advice of founder John Hallberg.

Examples of content I create includes articles on marketing strategies, and restaurant technology product reviews.

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Previous Work

This is a website for salon and spa owners, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals who want to learn more about how they can make their businesses thrive.

The Salon Business provides expert guidance on the topics of starting a business, choosing the right software platforms, and creating effective marketing strategies.

The website was founded and developed by John Hallberg into an industry-leading resource. The website is now owned by the salon software company Mangomint.

I researched and wrote blog posts, drafts for product reviews, developed the design of the blog page, and performed various webmaster tasks.